Wishing All Of Your Dreams Come True

Open Day ŵϰѧԺ꿪

A lot has happened during our open day! Here are just some of the highlights, enjoy. ǵĿڼ䷢ྫ飡ֻһЩ㣬ϣϲƬ

2018Դ֮û¼ Memories Of Trip To Kota Tinggi 2018

жȫҳѧѧԺֺ֧ϡ Լ Thanks to all Nobel parents & students for cooperating with the centre. See you next year!

I LOVE U һҰʦؑ 25 AUG 2018

This is definitely a memorable experience that will be etched in our minds forever. һľԶǵԺ

Journey To Kuala Lumpur ¡֮



To all the teachers that work hard unnoticeably, HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY Those people that have gratitude is the good person, those people that know when to have gratitude is a happy person, those who always gratitude is a successful person. ףĬĬŵʦǣʦڿ֣ жҸˣøжǿֵˣжdzɹˡʦѵһʦףһǸжʺɣ


We wish all mothers in this world a very happy mother's day! In this very special daywhat will you do to express your love to your mothers? ףȫΰ ĸ׽ڿ֣ ܰĽգһҪѰ˵ ŵ ף

We Wish All Mothers A Very Happy Mothers's Day

To all children, you should not care for your mothers only during Mother's Day. In all 365 days in a year, you should care for your mothers and respect her as well. We hope all mothers will be happy every single day. We Wish All Mothers A Very Happy Mother's Day ǣֻĸ׽Ҫرȥĸף365ÿһ춼ĸ׽ڡϣĸ֣Ҹ ŵϰѧԺ ףȫΰ裺ĸ׽ڿ֣

ѧǰӢ Preschool English Lessons

In the year 2019, Do you want your children to excel in English? Are you concerned about it? If your answer is yes, allow us to show you this short clip. Robert L.Ehrlich saidExperts tell us that 90% of all brain development occurs by the age of five. If we dont begin thinking about education in the early years, our children are at risk of falling behind by the time they start Kindergarten.Maria Montessori also said, Free the childs potential, and you will transform him into the world. ~It shows that why education is vitally important for a child since young. NOBEL TUITION CENTRE now recruiting for Kindergarten students ~English (Phonics,oral,listening,reading,writing) ~BAHASA CINA ~BAHASA MELAYU ~SCIENCE ~MATHS Dear parents, Action speaks louder than words, so just register for your children now at our centre. Tel:017-6656266 Address:58A,Jalan Mutiara 1/1,Taman Mutiara Mas,81300 Skudai,Johor. You are welcomed to call us to make an appointment before coming to our tuition centre. So that we can arrange the time for you. Thank you. ļҳѧǣ 2017 ĺǷʹӢ﹵ͨϰ ҳȴ޲ߣ ǷҪⷽĵõأĴǡYESΪ顣 רҸǣʱ90%ĴԽѸٿƽʱҳûо翼ǺǵĽΪδѧϰº󻼡- ޲‧УRobert L.Ehrlich Maria MontessoriҲ˵ǵDZպĻᡣ ~˵˽һλСҪԡ ѧǰ- ~ӢӢ﹵ͨдƴٶ װĸĸѧǣ жʤˣΪĺӵǵѧԺ 绰017-6656266 ַ58AJalan Mutiara 1/1Taman Mutiara Mas81300 SkudaiJohor. ǵѧԺΪDZԤµ磬ǽΪšлл

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